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My Referral Network

As much as I'd like to say I know everything about everything (lol), I don't.  Often times I come across something that is beyond my ability to help within my scope of practice, which is why I like to find other professionals that are experts in their field that could help in conjunct with Massage Therapy in regaining your optimum health.  These people are people I have come to trust based on their philosophy similar to my own, are experts in their field through a high level of education combined with experience (personal and/or years worked in the field), and/or have seen results with clients we share, and feel that their skills and techniques will partner my own to benefit the client.  I truly care about my clients and only want the best for them.  Please click on their link to learn more about them.


Scott Morris, CAT(C)

Certified Athletic Therapist

Owner of SCM Athletic Therapy

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